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GRG/Fibrous Plaster can be used in a variety of aspects, from ornate details as in the photographs to simple column casings and light troughs to provide precision continuity.

Casted GRG features also provide easy installation in otherwise awkward situations.

Our fully trained fibre-hands are able to adapt and manipulate casts to suit any application and still provide an almost seamless machined finish.

Complicated rebate details can often only be achieved via moulds especially in multi directional shadow gap instances.

GRG can also be extremely versatile when discreet access panels are required in special features. Domed ceilings and elliptical curves are made simple once key mathematical points are plotted on the computer in our design studio. These points are then transferred to the manufacture of rubber moulds in our fibre workshop. As the rubber moulds become redundant they are melted down and re-used as part of our recycling policy. Specialist mock ups are available upon request.

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